Time to experience the Finnish lifestyle

When I saw the announcement for thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme, I didn’t hesitate to apply for a second. Finland is one of the charming destinations I’ve wanted to visit for many years.

The fact that Finland has one of the world’s best performing education systems has always attracted my attention. As a scientific researcher, it is interesting for me to find out how the Finnish government invests heavily in the fields of education, training and research, delivering one of the best-qualified workforce in the world.

I have wondered why most people here in Egypt don’t know much about Finland, its knowledgeable people or outstanding way of life. I think part of it is related to the lack of media’s focus on the Finnish activities. It seems that many journalists over here have no idea about Finland or know very little about it.

I believe this programme can change this and help to spread the message of Finnish culture in the Arab world.

Rana Khaled Abo El Fotoh
Rana Khaled Abo El Fotoh

Through exploring photos, videos and blog posts of the 2013 programme, I found out how the sessions offered the participants a huge amount of information in various fields including politics, economics, agriculture, cooking and arts, only to name a few.

What is really interesting about thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme, is that it will allow people from different nationalities, cultures, religions and backgrounds to mingle with each other. This will eventually help us to break stereotypes and remove language boundaries, I hope.

Spending a weekend with a Finnish family will also be a breathtaking experience, that I’m really looking forward to. The family weekend will enable me to explore the different aspects of the Finnish daily life. In the future, I will have another caring family in Finland!

I believe this programme will allow me to enhance my journalistic skills and acquire a lot of information about Finnish society and the Finnish way of life. This I’ll definitely convey to my journalism students as we always love to share our travelling experiences.

I really love Finland, the home country of my favorite heavy metal bands. Finally, it’s the time to go there!

Author: Rana - Egypt

Rana Khaled Abo El Fotoh is a freelance journalist from Egypt. She covers topics related to arts and culture, and is very enthusiastic and motivated about journalism in general. “Finland means a lot to me. It is the least corrupted government in the world, and has one of the world’s best education systems. It is also the best place to raise a family – and the home country of my favourite heavy metal bands.”

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  1. Enjoy Finland! I have been living in Finland for the last 6 years and it has been amazing! Finland is a real paradise…

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