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Hi! I’m Zahra.  I’m 28 years old and from Birmingham, England. Currently, I work as a journalist for one of the UK’s top flagship TV news stations – after having completed my master’s in Broadcast Journalist last year.

To offer a little background about myself – My dream is to work as a foreign affairs correspondent. This has been in part shaped by my travels as a teenager to unconventional locations including post-war Iraq as well as Iran and Syria which introduced me to the tumultuous nature of international affairs.

I’m a passionate storyteller and am characterised by my insatiable curiosity to learn about the world and people around me. Another key reason i chose to pursue journalism is because of the need for increased representation and diversity especially within British Media so that it is more reflective of the society that it serves. I wish to empower and inspire others like me – women, as well as those from ethnic minority and/or working-class backgrounds, to take a seat at the table as the next generation of journalists and changemakers. I believe projects like this are incredibly powerful ways of connecting people and sharing stories and tools for change.

I have a long-standing interest in human rights as well as social action and climate change. This is something that particularly drew me to this programme as Finland is truly a world leader in terms of development, education and press freedom.  Not only is Finland famous for its awe-inspiring northern lights, as well as its love for saunas and stunning natural landscapes – but – also apparently is the HAPPIEST country in the world – for the fifth year in a row! How incredible – Teach me your ways! 😄

I’m so excited to learn more about Finnish society and way of life and to learn tools I can implement in my own journalistic practices back in the UK. Further, I’m especially keen to network with other journalists taking part from all over the world.

Finland is indeed a world leader in terms of addressing issues such as climate change and carbon zero – I’m really keen to learn more about this especially as the UK is undergoing its own electric car revolution and sustainable development goals. I’m eager to see what we can learn from Finland!

I can’t wait to meet everyone and am certain this programme will be one of a kind!


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