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My name is Amit Tomer, I’m 29 old, an Israeli who lives in Tel-Aviv and works as a journalist for a decade. These days I have a radio talk show that usually deals with economics and social issues.

I have never been to Finland, and I’m waiting for the visit and thrilled to learn more about the Finnish history and culture, see some wonderful views and enjoy the cold weather (the summer in Tel Aviv is very hot). Also, for me, this delegation is an opportunity to meet journalists from all over the world.

Me in Israel’s heat.

Moreover, as part of my job as an economic journalist, I think that it will be good for me to gain more knowledge in one of the subjects the delegation focuses on climate diplomacy and Finnish solutions for reaching carbon neutrality by 2035. I think Israel could take an example from your program and goals, and I’ll love to be the person who can cover it.

Besides that, one of the things Finland is most known about in Israel is the long maternity leave, which is given to both parents. Each parent gets 164 days. In Israel, the maternity leave is much shorter – only 105 days for both parents – and usually, only moms use it. But, last week our minister of finance announces that from next year he’d like to give every dad two weeks of maternity leave, so they can be more involved in the child-raising and to reduce the wage differences between males and females. Because of the relevance of this theme to my work (also to my life since I don’t have children yet 😊), the stay in Finland will be an opportunity to expand my knowledge about the benefits and the implicants that come with the Finnish model.

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