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What does Helsinki taste like? Teurastamo  ̶  the Abattoir in English  ̶  and its many events offer impressive fresh food culture and creative industries, such as fancy food workshops, whisky and breweries.

Walking in the deserted space of Teurstamo (I mean it’s massive), I thought about a similar old slaughterhouse in Shanghai, nowadays called “1933 Shanghai”. After 15 million euros had been invested in its restoration back in 2008, the former slaughterhouse became an originally-British-designed gigantic commercial complex, providing space for cafes, interior shops, high-end restaurants and creative office spaces for many design and architect firms. It also participates in many of the city’s main events, just like the restaurant day and night of the arts held in Teurastamo.

But still, Teurastamo is different from 1933 Shanghai. The key is food. Food really plays an important role in everything that happens in and around the Abattoir. For example, once a month local farmers and small producers are invited to the Farmers’ market (Maalaistentori); the World Bites Food Festival is held once a month in the summer.

There’s even a food workshop in it. Matti Santala, CEO of Flavor Studio, told me that he wants to make the area into a centre of food culture. In Matti’s kitchen school, we were invited to discover the art and science of working with flavors. According to Matti, the Abattoir has already taken a giant leap forward and attracting more and more visitors each day as it is one of the trendiest places in Helsinki.

Nevertheless, food is of course not the only symbol of Teurastamo. Film and music also feature strongly in the area. For example, Blind Spot Pictures, a film company that produced “Iron Sky” and will contribute to the upcoming prequel, two of the most expensive films in the history of Finnish cinema.

Matti said that the Abattoir is constantly renewing and permanently in progress. And there are already hundreds of businesses that are interested in it.

Day 3 included a food workshop as well as visits to Kallio library and child welfare clinic
Day 3 included a food workshop at Teurastamo as well as visits to the Kallio Library and a maternity and child health clinic.


Author: Tongxin - China

Tongxin Qian is a journalist at the China Business Network (CBNTV) with many years of working experience. She works for CBNTV’s prime evening international news, where she manages her own team. “This journey means both adventure and learning for me.”

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