Old but pretty funky

No time can go to waste during our three-week programme, so it was no surprise that on the way to Turku we were given a presentation by representatives of VR, Finland’s major railway company. Sitting in the “extra concept” – an equivalent of first class – it was ...  (continue reading)

Some interesting facts about my favorite language, Finnish


The best way to understand the culture of another country is to learn its language. My first encounter with Finland was the Finnish language.

It was 2008 and I knew very little about this country. There was an optional Finnish course in my faculty and I thought it would be interesting to try it out. I thought it could be useful, since the Finnish border is just about 200 kilometers from Saint-Petersburg ...  (continue reading)

Foreign Correspondents’ Programme in Finland starts in a week – Welcome to the FCP blog!

It’s soon the hectic time of the year when 19 young journalists around the world arrive in Helsinki to spend the month of August in Finland as participants of the Foreign Correspondents’ Programme.

So, what really is the Foreign Correspondents’ Programme? Where do these young journalists come from? And who organizes all this?

To explain briefly, the Foreign Correspondents’ ...  (continue reading)