The thisisFINLAND – Alumni Edition 2016 participants are here!

The alumni search was arranged in 12 countries for the thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme – Alumni Edition. Big thank you too all applicants! The admission process is never easy as all the applicants are highly motivated professionals with extensive background in journalism and communications. It is always heartfelt to notice your deep interest in Finland. Some of you have fresh ...  (continue reading)

Get on board! Apply to the thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme – Alumni Edition 2016!

Have you ever participated in the Foreign Correspondents’ Programme or Young Journalists, as it was first called in the 90’s? Did you spend the most amazing and interesting weeks of your life in Finland? Are you eager to see and feel what Finland is all about in 2016, waiting for its’ 100 years anniversary around the corner? This might be your chance for another Finland-packed experience. ...  (continue reading)

Are you interested in Finland now as an FCP alumni? Apply to the thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme – Alumni Edition 2016!

We made a promise and we intend to keep it, as Finns usually do… During even years, ie starting 2016, we start organizing smaller and shorter FCP alumni meetings for handpicked media professionals that have previously participated in the FCP programme, or the Young Journalists programme, as it was first called in the 90’s. Come and spend a week learning about Finland today, Finnish society ...  (continue reading)

Next time 2017, but before that an alumni meeting

With the winter soon knocking on the Helsinki doors it is tempting to think back at the sunny weeks of ThisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme 2015. It just has to be among the most inspiring and creative tasks a Finnish diplomat gets to work with. Such an honor and such a joy to get to know 21 young international media professionals, and to be able to show them the many sides and faces ...  (continue reading)

Finland, Russia and Ukraine: experience of crisis-solving

My interview day was the most awaited part of the whole FCP programme. You may be surprised because while some of the FCP participants interviewed energetic business leaders from, for example, Kone and Nokia, I had meetings with very punctual and reserved people from the Finnish Government. ...  (continue reading)

The sustainable Finnish life

Sustainability is the word I have been thinking about during my first days in Finland.

The Finns are firmly connected with the nature of their country and appreciate that the world is responsible for giving them the resources we all need to live our daily lives. Finnish forests are an intrinsic part of their  ...  (continue reading)