Reinventing the news with Finland’s public broadcaster Yle

“Welcome to Yle, I am Miss World!” That is how we were greeted at Yleisradio Oy, Finland’s national public-broadcasting company. Miss World is called Elina Ravantti in real life. The nickname derives from her position as Head of World News and Current Affairs at Yle, where she oversees the production of 220 radio and TV news bulletins per day. Her editors work in Finnish, Swedish, Sami, English, ...  (continue reading)

A brief resumé of Finland

For the newcomer to Finland, this day 1 of FCP 2016 could have been a perfect introduction to the art of Finnishness. For the 12 of us – some of us being here for the first time in 20, 18 or 7 years – we could finally catch up with the country and jump straight into it.

A short briefing with Kai Mykkänen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, updated us on current affairs with ...  (continue reading)

Coming home to Finnish nature

One day in Finland and I already feel like I’ve come home to an old friend, even if we are both a little older and wiser. Catching a tram through Helsinki with a gaggle of international journalists, all chatting in a score of languages about current affairs, was as stimulating as the first time I tried it, back on the Foreign Correspondent’s Programme in 2010. It was also a little bittersweet ...  (continue reading)

Being a journalist in Finland, the land that is known worldwide for its press freedom

After lectures and learning about Finland for two weeks, the days that everybody had been waiting for were finally here: ‘Finnish Media Working Day’.  Being a journalist in the one and only financial newspaper (Dünya) in Turkey, it was no surprise for me that my working day was at Kauppalehti, which is the leading financial newspaper in Finland.

Kauppalehti, established in 1898, is the biggest ...  (continue reading)

Working at Finland’s BBC

Finland is a tranquil country. Many in our diverse group of journalists are from cities buzzing with traffic and life. On Helsinki’s streets, rush hour is almost non-existent and on a relaxed Sunday afternoon it is so quiet that you could almost hear a pin drop at the other end of the city. On many occasions during our two weeks here, we have felt like our loud conversations and laughing were ...  (continue reading)

My Finnish August

Indian summers were at their peak and it was 4 PM on a sweltering early June afternoon. I was quickly rushing through different New Delhi roads laden with the gorgeous natural spread of yellow amalstas (cassia fistula) flowers.

I had to reach the Embassy of Finland situated on Nyaya Marg in Chanakyapuri region of the capital in next 15 minutes. The embassy was going to give its decision on my visa ...  (continue reading)

A day in the life of a Finnish journalist

No way I could shut off my alarm and sleep a few more minutes. I had to be on time. “Finnish time” to be precise!

I arrived at YLE – Finland’s multi-platform public broadcaster excited to see its media system. As an employee of the same type of organisation in South Africa, I was keen to compare the manner in which the Finns make news to the way we do.

During the morning’s ...  (continue reading)

A working day… at Helsingin Sanomat!

When I was studying the third year of my Bachelor degree in Journalism, one of my professors talked us widely about the nordic media model. The best example of it, he said, was Helsing Sanomat, the leader nordic newspaper in terms of subscribers. The theory seemed interesting but I never thought that one day, five years after that, I could visit its newsroom in Helsinki.

Yesterday was our work media ...  (continue reading)

What Finnish Media has to tell us

I think I am the oldest in our group of 19 journalists. For the last two years, I’ve been working as a reporter for an important magazine in Brazil, that deposes politicians, encourages discussion, helps to dictate the political agenda and, of course, generates some controversy from its reports. Therefore, the highest point of the FCP till now, for me, was the discussion of “Media, ethics and ...  (continue reading)

Some memories from the FCP 2003 participants

Here are some memories of 4 other members of the FCP 2003 team.

They answered for the questions

1. What did FCP give to you?
2. What is your best memory from the programme

Adrianna Borowicz (Poland)

1. What gave me the participation in FCP in Helsinki? Personally: It opened my eyes. For a country named Finland. Since then Finland has special place in my heart. I met there fantastic people from all over ...  (continue reading)