On 2003, I remember myself watching “Brother Bear” when I learned about the northern lights for the first time. Years later, a friend of mine told me he was visiting a country called Finland which had the best educational system all over the world. Only a couple months ago, I decided to try luck applying to the Foreign Correspondents’ Program in Finland. Today, ...  (continue reading)

What Almost Being Attacked at a Neo-Nazi Rally Taught Me About Finland

With a bottle of fine French wine at hand and the refreshing breeze of the Aura river on that particularly fresh summer-ish day tingling my face, it felt like my day to Finland’s oldest city, Turku, couldn’t get any better. I had arrived a couple of hours earlier with the father of Finnish family which is hosting me for the weekend. He had planned to run the marathon that day while I ...  (continue reading)

Experiences of conducting interviews in Helsinki

What a day was yesterday! During the FCP every day something new and unexpected happens. The programme is so dense that it feels as if we arrived here many days ago already, but in fact Wednesday was only the third day of our stay here.

In addition to the common meetings, we also started to work on our individual assignments. I remember in 1998 one of the several striking moments was to interview ...  (continue reading)

Reinventing the news with Finland’s public broadcaster Yle

“Welcome to Yle, I am Miss World!” That is how we were greeted at Yleisradio Oy, Finland’s national public-broadcasting company. Miss World is called Elina Ravantti in real life. The nickname derives from her position as Head of World News and Current Affairs at Yle, where she oversees the production of 220 radio and TV news bulletins per day. Her editors work in Finnish, Swedish, Sami, English, ...  (continue reading)

This is how I would summarise our Finnish August

I was lucky to be chosen to represent Saudi Arabia in this year’s thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme.

Me and my 20 colleagues from all around the world had a chance to explore Finland’s culture, society and lifestyle for three weeks.

I made this video to show a glimpse of what our Finnish August looked like.

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The sustainable Finnish life

Sustainability is the word I have been thinking about during my first days in Finland.

The Finns are firmly connected with the nature of their country and appreciate that the world is responsible for giving them the resources we all need to live our daily lives. Finnish forests are an intrinsic part of their  ...  (continue reading)