Helsinki: a (paradise) city that allows you to be… just you

A weekend in the capital of Finland, Helsinki, is a synonym of experimentation. The wide variety of activities that the city has to offer let you play with the different facets of your personality. And during the summer, one activity stands out: the Flow Festival.

Helsinki sharpens all your senses. The capital of Finland has the capacity to widen your pupils, make your inhalations deeper and your ...  (continue reading)

Experiences of conducting interviews in Helsinki

What a day was yesterday! During the FCP every day something new and unexpected happens. The programme is so dense that it feels as if we arrived here many days ago already, but in fact Wednesday was only the third day of our stay here.

In addition to the common meetings, we also started to work on our individual assignments. I remember in 1998 one of the several striking moments was to interview ...  (continue reading)

A good start

It’s finally here, I’m finally here! First impressions are important and, for me, my first impression of Finland was surprising – in a good way.

I expected Helsinki to be more big-city-like, many people on the streets, lots of cars, sort of noisy… But it was very different and very calm: people riding their bicycles, walking their dogs, chilling on the beach. It was a very nice ...  (continue reading)

This is my chance!

It all started with the northern lights and Lapland. Me, a 17-year-old girl from one of the biggest cities in the world, wishing to be lucky enough see a night sky coloured in green and pink someday.

When I was 21, I got an e-mail from the Finnish Embassy in Mexico city. Why me? I still don’t know. I read the e-mail. It was a call to apply to the Foreign Correspondents’ Programme. I was ...  (continue reading)

Finland, I won’t let you down!

As a Korean reporter specializing in education Finland obviously is an attractive country to explore. In fact, Finland might be the best place to experience and learn about high quality education. The Finnish education system is actually the biggest reason why I wanted to participate in thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme.

Korean education has gained international reputation – ...  (continue reading)

A working day… at Helsingin Sanomat!

When I was studying the third year of my Bachelor degree in Journalism, one of my professors talked us widely about the nordic media model. The best example of it, he said, was Helsing Sanomat, the leader nordic newspaper in terms of subscribers. The theory seemed interesting but I never thought that one day, five years after that, I could visit its newsroom in Helsinki.

Yesterday was our work media ...  (continue reading)

How would it feel to be an alumni for the FCP2023?

We are almost half way through the programme and I have been inspired to the fullest, but somehow my heart is stuck in the meeting with the 2003 alumni.  In the first week, we had a meeting with the 2003 batch where they casually interacted with us talking about the memories they still cherish of FCP2003, and how useful it has been for them in the following years of their excursion to Finland.

The ...  (continue reading)

Salmon and innovation: a week in Finland

The differences between a welfare state like Finland and a developing country are rather easy to spot once you get out of the airport, if not earlier.

Coming from an “Arab Spring” country, it was not the easiest task to write about Finland. Almost every Finnish person I have met is proud of the welfare state Finns built over the past 100 years. They will proudly tell you that things were ...  (continue reading)

Some memories from the FCP 2003 participants

Here are some memories of 4 other members of the FCP 2003 team.

They answered for the questions

1. What did FCP give to you?
2. What is your best memory from the programme

Adrianna Borowicz (Poland)

1. What gave me the participation in FCP in Helsinki? Personally: It opened my eyes. For a country named Finland. Since then Finland has special place in my heart. I met there fantastic people from all over ...  (continue reading)

Foreign Correspondence Programme 2003 – ten years later

Back in 2003, I was 26, already working as a journalist while completing my last year at graduate school. It was the middle of the semester when I saw an announcement for young journalists on the message board at my university, calling for participants for a project in Finland. I was immediately intrigued and made sure to apply at once. I was especially interested in this area, since at the time ...  (continue reading)