This is how I would summarise our Finnish August

I was lucky to be chosen to represent Saudi Arabia in this year’s thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme.

Me and my 20 colleagues from all around the world had a chance to explore Finland’s culture, society and lifestyle for three weeks.

I made this video to show a glimpse of what our Finnish August looked like.

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Opening up to the world

Why do I participate in thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme? Can anything surprise me in Finland as I live just two hours from its border, in Pietari (= St. Petersburg)?

I’ve interviewed the previous President of the Republic of Finland Tarja Halonen and visited Slush...  (continue reading)

A Karelian Rice Pie And a Cup of Coffee: FCP through the Years

The Finnish Ambassador’s residence in central London is, compared to its neighbours at least, rather an unassuming abode. Set in the middle of Kensington Palace Gardens, the hushed and cordoned avenue behind Prince William’s pad at the far end of Hyde Park, the house dates back to the 1850s and has been the home of Helsinki’s man in London since 1952.

At both ends of the street ...  (continue reading)

Memories from the Family Weekend

Every year FCP has one weekend in the programme when the young journalists have an opportunity to travel to different families located all over Finland. The purpose of this weekend is to show what Finnish family life is about.

-So how was the family weekend this year?

I spoke with the families and  the FCP participants about this weekend and asked their opinions and thoughts about the weekend. It ...  (continue reading)

How would it feel to be an alumni for the FCP2023?

We are almost half way through the programme and I have been inspired to the fullest, but somehow my heart is stuck in the meeting with the 2003 alumni.  In the first week, we had a meeting with the 2003 batch where they casually interacted with us talking about the memories they still cherish of FCP2003, and how useful it has been for them in the following years of their excursion to Finland.

The ...  (continue reading)

Flow Festival

I woke up last Saturday afternoon feeling exhausted —but also with a night of fun and a lifetime of memories.

Before flying thousands of miles from Hong Kong to Finland, my knowledge about this European country was limited. It was not a surprise that I had not heard of the Flow Festival at the time.

And then, Friday night came. I arrived at the venue as big as the Victoria Park in Hong Kong (anyone ...  (continue reading)

Some memories from the FCP 2003 participants

Here are some memories of 4 other members of the FCP 2003 team.

They answered for the questions

1. What did FCP give to you?
2. What is your best memory from the programme

Adrianna Borowicz (Poland)

1. What gave me the participation in FCP in Helsinki? Personally: It opened my eyes. For a country named Finland. Since then Finland has special place in my heart. I met there fantastic people from all over ...  (continue reading)

Foreign Correspondence Programme 2003 – ten years later

Back in 2003, I was 26, already working as a journalist while completing my last year at graduate school. It was the middle of the semester when I saw an announcement for young journalists on the message board at my university, calling for participants for a project in Finland. I was immediately intrigued and made sure to apply at once. I was especially interested in this area, since at the time ...  (continue reading)