See you soon Finland

It was 15 years since my last landing at Vantaa Helsinki Airport. But already the first impression – it was about 11 PM when my flight arrived but still not dark of course – was Finnish capital changed a lot. On the way to the hotel I noticed Helsinki is a city under construction. So many construction sites which is always a sign of a growing economy and national self confidence. Many ...  (continue reading)

A special af-fin-ity…

It was the summer Beyonce was Crazy in Love and Captain Jack Sparrow swashbuckled onto our screens. Can you guess the year?*

I was 25 and fresh out of journalism school when I travelled to Finland to take part in the FCP programme, eager to explore a country I had yet to visit but with which I somehow felt a bond.

Scotland and Finland share a population size of around 5.5 million, long winters, and ...  (continue reading)