What do YOU want to know about Finland?

“Who are the main contemporary Finnish writers?”, “How can foreigners pursue higher education in Finland?”, “What is there to see around there besides from beautiful lakes and forests?”, “How did they deal with the economic depression?”, “What’s up with this sauna thing?”.

These were a few of the questions I got when I asked the readers and followers of my travel ...  (continue reading)

Meet our FCP 2018 participants!

August and the beginning of thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme 2018 is getting closer. Now it is time to introduce our participants, who come from 16 countries all over the world, and can’t wait to explore Finland.

Thank you again to everyone who applied to the programme this year. It’s wonderful to know how many friends Finland has around the globe!

But now, take a ...  (continue reading)