Success stories over a cup of coffee

Ethiopia and Finland definitely are worlds apart, except for one thing: coffee. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and Finland consumes a good amount of this delightful beverage.

My knowledge about Finland doesn’t go past several development indexes and annual reports in which the country seems to top almost all the time. Sectors such as education, health and freedom of press seem to be just a few of the categories where success stories are echoed.

My country Ethiopia has been working hard to overcome a dark period of time which has overshadowed Ethiopia’s thousand-year-old history and its vibrant culture that comes with diversity. Now, Ethiopia is one of  the fastest-growing economies in the world aiming to become a middle income country within the next decade.

Eskedar Kifle

Thus, for a country that is going through such a transformation, looking up to a country like Finland for inspiration and assistance would only set Ethiopia’s future success in stone. This is why I am so excited about participating in thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme in August. I have no doubt that my country will one day be as successful as Finland and before that I want to experience this role model firsthand.

In Finland I want to learn something new every day. That is what happens in a new environment, you always wake up to something new to see and understand. Furthermore, I’m so happy to be able to do this with those that are in the same profession as I and who come from all corners of the world. It can’t get better than that!

I believe this program will leave me with many wonderful experiences which I will always look back on. Not to mention all the friends I will make, that come from all walks of life and countries – this comes in handy when traveling!

I am very happy I have this opportunity to participate in the FCP. By the looks of previous programmes; there will never be a dull moment! Thank you so much for this! I can’t wait for those amazing 20 days in Finland and meeting all the wonderful people. We will definitely have great conversations – probably over a cup of coffee. See you soon Finland!

Author: Eskedar - Ethiopia

Eskedar Kifle is a senior reporter at one of the leading economic newspapers in Ethiopia. “I believe being exposed to a new environment and society is always good for anybody as it helps broaden the way we think. This is especially true for a journalist, as different views and angles always contribute to a better story.”

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