Smile like a Hanko biscuit

“When you are really happy, in Finland we say smile like a Hanko biscuit.”

This was what Leena, our tour guide in Hanko said before she got off the bus. On the way to our accommodation I kept thinking about the ‘Hanko biscuit smile’. Actually that was the exact expression we all had on our faces all day long today.

On our fourth day we had a bus tour to Hanko and during the trip Professor Johanna Mäkelä gave us an introduction to Finnish food culture. It is always interesting to hear about other countries’ food. Food is a key cultural factor that shows many aspects about the society. In addition, we had a chance to taste some cultural foods at the same time, which made the experience perfect.

The Q&A time seemed to never end as always, we were already approaching the Tvärminne Zoological station. After a brief lecture and lunch, we moved to the forest to watch the Baltic Sea. The surface of the sea was shining and the weather was just perfect. Astonishing nature always opens your heart. Today, the Baltic Sea definitely did just that. It was the line where all negative emotions disappear and inspiration begins.

Finland is privileged. It is a country with enough future resources to get people inspired. The coast we found on the way to the center of Hanko was also one of them. Lovely houses and trees should not be forgotten.

These were some quick ideas I had on the way back with a ‘Hanko Biscuit smile’ on my face. What were yours?

Learning about environmental research in Tvärminne Zoological Station and visiting Hanko city
Day 4: Learning about environmental research at Tvärminne Zoological Station and visiting the city of Hanko.

Photos: Yumi Jeung, Mayra Zepeda, Esha Chhabra, Johanna Unha-Kaprali

Author: Yumi - Republic of Korea

Yumi Jeung works for a major newspaper in the Republic of Korea, and specialises in education. Yumi has studied in Sweden, and visited Helsinki briefly. “I have only been to Helsinki once, but the memory is strong. My first impression started with snow: white snow everywhere.”

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