Re-discovering Finland: Traditions as a key

I visited Finland for the first time twenty years ago as a young journalist. It was a long time ago and since then I had no occasion to come back to this contry, wich I consider extremely interesting and in a certain sense ‘new’ for Italian people because of its way of living and its traditions.

This is why I am really happy to come back to Finland thanks to the Foreign Correspondants Programme 2016, and I am looking forward to observe the changes in Finland during these years.

First of all, in 2017 Finland is going to celebrate its hundredth Anniversary, and the first aspect I would like to deepen is how the country has changed since its birth.

Moreover, I read about the new Sipilä premier government elected in 2015 and the position of the Mr Soini ‘True Finnish Party’. Also these political changes are very interesting to me and I hope to understand Finnish new political situation better on this occasion.

Working at Italian news press Agency ANSA, we often writes about Finnish news. Nevertheless, I think that very few is known about Finnish culture in Italy. So, it would be good to create more occasions for cultural exchanges, and Finnish Hundredth Anniversary could be a wonderful chance.

Instruction and school is another aspect I am very interested in. For example, I also read that recently a new system of ‘organizing’ school subjects has been proposed and I would be very curious to understand more about this. So, I really hope FPC 2016 will be the occasion to know ‘directly’ all these aspects!

But traditions are the most striking aspect to me, starting with Sauna. I know a sauna is inside Parliament and Nokia Centre, and recently I read one has been inaugurated in Helsinki Burger King . Better understanding of traditions is to me one of the best ‘keys’ to know Finnish people. This is why I really hope to have the chance to ‘try’ Finnish style of living, in order to be able to describe the real ‘Finnish spirit’ to Italians!

Author: Manuela Correra

Manuela is FCP participant from 1996. After her graduation from Luiss Guido Garli School of Journalism, Manuela worked for Italian television Rai, Italy’s public national broadcaster. She is currently working as a professional journalist, specializing in medicine and research, in the Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (ANSA) which is the leading wire service in Italy, and one of the leaders among world news agencies. During the coming FCP alumni programme Maria would like to deepen her knowledge of Finnish culture, traditions, nature and media organizations. Finland is… “traditions and nature above all … and much more!”

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