The Finnish way of football…. go HJK! (Daniel Duben, Germany)

Monday, 25 of August 2008
Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2008)
Daniel Duben, Germany

Sometimes it is neither common language nor a shared cultural heritage which connects people. Sometimes it is sports in general or football (for all our American friends: Yes – it is football not soccer) in particular that makes strangers becoming friends. A good example for this thesis could be found at Monday ...  (continue reading)

“Day 12” was definitely a special day (Gaelle Pialot)

Tuesday, 12 of August 2008
Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2008)
Gaëlle Pialot


On the same day, the FCP participants met the Moomins and the President of the Republic of Finland. If you try to find a link between whimsical woodland creatures and Tarja Halonen, you wıll not. Except that they are almost neighbours.

As we were about to meet the most important person of this country, we had been ...  (continue reading)

A little bit of sports, a little bit of design and a little bit of free time (Asli Saglam)

Monday, 18 of August 2008
Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2008)
Asli Saglam (Turkey)

Its been already 18 days and most of us think that time flies away. We experienced a lot, saw many places, met many important people.

Today is one of the days that we get to spend in Helsinki. A little bit of sports a little bit of the city and a little bit of free time…

One of the neighborhoods in Helsinki, ...  (continue reading)

Fun, fashion and the Foreign minister – Last Sunday of FCP (Kunal and Gabriella)

Sunday, 24 of August 2008
Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2008)

Part: 1: Kunal Majumder (India)

Look whom we bumped into at Marimekko Fashion show…

While most of our FCP friends went to Tallinn, Christina and I decided to go for the Spring/Summer collection show of design giant Marimekko. My project for FCP is on Finnish Fashion and Marimekko is one of the case studies. The other is Ivana Helsinki.

After the fashion show I had brief chat with Mrs Innes-Stubb and she offered to take a photo of us, Mr minister with Christina and me. Photographer: Mrs Suzanne Innes-Stubb.

So Sunday, all dressed up, we went to see Finnish ...  (continue reading)

Finnish economy day (Owen Hall)

Thursday, 21 of August 2008
Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2008)
Owen Howell

On this day, we learnt about the economy and were hosted by Mr Mikko Koivumaa of Finfacts, a non-profit group dedicated to promoting Finnish business interests.

Mr Jussi Mustonen, director of the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK). Photo: Christina Huh.

told us a little about the lobbying system and political aims of Finnish corporations.

Although it is essential that domestic industries have a collective voice, ...  (continue reading)

Everybody knows everybody… a few words about Finnish economy (Marcin Lapczynski)

Thursday, 21st of August 2008
Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2008)
Marcin Łapczyński (Poland)

All about economy. Finnish economy. This day was prepared for us by Finnfacts and that’s why instead of Katri, Hanna and Sara we had met Mikko Koivumaa with whom we went to the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK).

Mr. Jussi Mustonen, Director for Economic Policy (EK) presented us the main characteristic of Finnish economy and presented his organisation. Photo: Marcin Łapczyński.

First cup of coffee and a muffin. Mr. Jussi Mustonen, Director for Economic Policy ...  (continue reading)

All that glitters may be gold! (Kunal Majumder)

Sunday, 10 of August 2008
Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2008)
Kunal Majumder (India)


Special food and a modern hut (kota) in Lapland. Photo: Kunal Majumder.

After an exciting four days at Lapland, it was a time to say goodbye. However the Lappish were not willing to part way without showing us the most ‘precious’ of their jewels – the gold mine!

Before going to the airport on our way back to Helsinki, we took a bus to the Paavo Holmisto gold claim. Paavo ...  (continue reading)

From the transparent parliamentary system to the informal journalism of Helsingin Sanomat (Sergey Surovtsev)

Wednesday, 20 of August 2008
Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2008)
Sergey Surovtsev (Russia)

…20 August. It was not so heavy day as we have had before, for instance, in the beginning of the FCP’2008. Firstly, we met all together at the customary for us address Kanavakatu, 3C and discussed schedule for the rest of the days. But before it FCP participants managed bought tickets for the Viking ...  (continue reading)

The journey in Lapland continues (Catarina Sousa)

Saturday, 9 of August 2008
Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2008)
Catarina Sousa

Hello! This is Catarina, from Portugal. The journey in Lapland continues. This is our last they in the North of Finland, feeling the nature and the inside culture of the finnish people. Indeed, I think that this day, at least for me, was the mirror of the finnish way of living.

On the top of the hill. Photo: Catarina Sousa.

All our day was related with nature. After ...  (continue reading)

By VR from Helsinki to Lapland – first stop Seinäjoki (Owen Howell)

Wednesday, 6 of August 2008
Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2008)
Owen Howell

…the city of Seinäjoki – which is about 350km North West of Helsinki in South Ostrobothnia…

The city is dominated by the austere, functionalist architecture of Alvar Aalto. Photo: Owen Howell.

Minutes after the train leaves Helsinki’s bustling station, the landscape dissolves into forest: an apt illustration of the great contrasts between Finland’s small, organised capital, and the vast expanse of its exterior.

Here, settlements sit back-to-back with the natural landscape, and the people are said ...  (continue reading)