Adventures in the supermarket (Anna Kuhn-Osius, Germany)

Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2009)
August 18, 2009
Anna (Germany)

Adventures in the supermarket

The first thing I had to do when I arrived in Finland was to explore a supermarket. After one hour of staring at the prices I had recovered a little from the fact that food in Finland is not really cheap… to be honest: It is horribly expensive. Anyway, my shopping list was clear: butter, beans, ...  (continue reading)

Where are the Finns? (Anna Kuhn-Osius, Germany)

Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2009)
August 18, 2009
Anna (Germany)

Where are the Finns?

When I waited at the airport of my German home town to fly to Finland, I met a few other students travelling to Helsinki as well. We were all excited to go to Finland for the first time of our lives. We talked a little and we found out: Nobody of us had ever met a REAL Finn before! Not somebody from ...  (continue reading)

Finnish Economy: on the Way of a Smart Giant (Huijue Ye, China)

Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2009)
August 14, 2009
Huijue (China)

Finnish Economy: on the Way of a Smart Giant

With half a day of economic topic is obviously not enough. The lecture is too short to handle all of our discussions. But fortunately, economy is ubiquitous all day just all the time such as the present moment when I am in the train to Kitee where my host family lives, big ...  (continue reading)

Finnish language (Susanna Dunkerley)

Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2009)
11 August 2009
Susanna (Australia)


We (FCP) have come up with a new theory: Finland’s paper industry helps the language to be written down because the words are soooooo long! Ok, so that may be a bit of an exaggeration but the first thing to notice when learning the language from scratch is the sheer length of the words. For example “murotaikinasta ...  (continue reading)

At the weekend (Jekaterina Gabalova)

Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2009)
10 August 2009
Jekaterina (Russia)

At the weekend

Picnic on the beach (Photo: Jekaterina)

René told that FCP-participants of the previous year had complained that the program was too tight and intensive; there wasn’t practically any free time. This year the weekends are absolutely free and are given on our discretion. Both surprising and abnormal Finnish weather has helped us and obviously ...  (continue reading)

Hauska tavata, suomi! (Jekaterina Gabalova)

Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2009)
10 August 2009
Jekaterina (Russia)

Hauska tavata, suomi!

We were all there to study (Photo: Jekaterina)

This phrase means in Finnish “Nice to meet you, Finnish!” And it was really nice to get acquainted with the Finnish language, to learn some words and grammatical rules, to see poetry in its structures. That was great to say to each other “Moi!”. “Moi” means “mine” in Russian ...  (continue reading)

My first day in Finland (Susanna Dunkerley)

Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2009)
3 August 2009
Susanna (Australia)


When I was young my favourite time of the year was summer when mum let me play on the street with the other kids on the block until dark – which usually meant staying up past my normal 7pm bedtime.

Looking back, I thought I had a good thing going on but it is nothing compared to the youth in Finland. It’s ...  (continue reading)

Life after FCP (Maite Pérez de Nanclares Asensio)

Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2008)
30 September 2008
Maite (Spain)

Looking back…

31st of August. First night at my home, sweet home…and I wake up in the middle of the night. …where am I ? I see my mum. I was in my bed, completely desorientated after two months travelling around the world.

Before going to Finland I had been one month in Brasil… that amazing country that once you get ...  (continue reading)