Our “first suomi class” (Renata Betti)

Saturday, 2nd of August 2008
Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2008)
Renata Betti

Hei! Mita kuuluu?

Today we had our first suomi class and I have to say it was really fun! The Finnish language is not as hard as we all thought it would be and we actually learned a lot. Luckily, the day was very sunny and we took great pictures – like the one from the Lutheran Cathedral, the Senate Square, Helsinki (photo for ...  (continue reading)

ARKISTOON — ENGL EI VIELÄ TOIMI — By the train from Helsinki to Lapland – first stop the city of Seinäjoki

Wednesday, 6 of August 2008
Young Journalists’ blog (FCP 2008)
Owen Howell

Minutes after the train leaves Helsinki’s bustling station, the landscape dissolves into forest: an apt illustration of the great contrasts between Finland’s small, organised capital, and the vast expanse of its exterior.

Here, settlements sit back-to-back with the natural landscape, and the people are said to interact ...  (continue reading)