Packed my insect repellent and enthusiasm – ready to go!

When I hear the word Finland, education and mosquitoes are the first words that come to my mind.

Finland is the country with the best public education in the world and a role model in the field of technology for educational purposes.

Speaking of mosquitoes, Finland humorously reminds me of them because many friends have told me about their encounters with Finnish mosquitoes.

All jokes aside, this is why I would love to go there: the program would help me shape what Finland means to me since my knowledge of the country is based in zero experience. Even though I have traveled quite a lot in the past ten years, I never got the chance to go to Finland or meet any Finnish people – which sounds crazy if you consider that I have been living so close (in Germany) for the past two years.

In this sense, this opportunity is nothing but the perfect way to discover Finland and Finnish culture in a deeper, intensive and more meaningful way.

Bruna Passos Amaral
Bruna Passos Amaral

My current knowledge about the country may be limited in some ways. My admiration for it, however, is not.

Personally, I regard Finland as a place of innovators from whom the world could learn a lot. I say this especially because my primary goal in life is to motivate people to be innovative and pursue their dreams no matter how impossible it may seem.

This is why I started writing my blog Partiu Intercâmbio in 2013. The website is all about exchange programs. I try to help young Brazilians to learn about new opportunities so they could see the world and promote positive change in their communities.

I strongly believe that education is the quickest and the most efficient way to achieve such a change. Finland has developed a strong education system and the Finnish society today is a living proof of its social and economic benefits.

Hence, I can hardly wait to see Finland with my own eyes and tell my readers all about my experiences during thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme.

I know this is going to be an amazing and unique opportunity.

As I have already packed my insect repellent and enthusiasm, I am ready to go. See you in August!

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