Nordic Peace


In Finland, you can feel as free as a child. There is always something for everyone. You can find yourself easily in Angry Birds Activity Parks. It does not matter if you are child or not. That’s why when I found myself in a swing in Angry Birds Activity Park in Rovaniemi, I was there more than 2 hours.


Photo by Gunjan Sharma


In residence where I stayed, my room was near the road so that anyone could jump in from the window. Don’t worry about that, you can always open your window wherever you are, because it is really safe country where no one will jump in your room. I also knew that some families keep their houses unlocked.

Everyman’s Rights

You can pick berries or mushrooms everywhere or even go fishing… To make getting joy from nature easier, there is a law called “Everyman’s Right.” It means that you are allowed to go almost anywhere without special permission from the landowner. According to this law, everyman means really everyone, locals and foreigners.


Finland is a country with surroundings offering limitless possibilities for the inspired use of nature. Hiking, berry picking, mushroom picking etc.


Photo by Naim Yildiz


Freshness is to be found everywhere like in weather, fruits, water, and so on…


Natural sustainability is most important factor for clean environment. In Finland everything is clean, from streets to parks, from the Arctic Circle to the Baltic Sea.


Finland was the first European country to grant universal suffrage to both men and women. Nowadays Finland is ranked as the best country in the world for mothers and is the 2nd in Gender Equality.

Finnish Welfare State

Welfare is an universal right in Finland. Besides one of the best human welfare system, even the animals have a good welfare. Finland has high score in wealth and well-being as well as one of the best welfare systems in the world.

Triple S: Salmon – Sauna – Super food

The best salmon I have ever tasted in my life was in Finland. I strongly suggest you to try one of my favorite Finnish soups which is salmon soup.

What about sauna? Never leave Finland before trying Finnish sauna. You will not regret this great experience. Especially in winter time, I advise you to swim in frozen lake after the sauna. This is what Finns do.

Super Food: Do you know the story about a woman who got lost in Finnish forest and survived almost 4 days eating only Finnish berries that are real super food!


Photo by Naim Yildiz

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