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My name is Benjamin, Benjamin Carlier. My talent is not to save Great Britain against the evil but to help belgian viewers and listeners to understand the world they live in. I don’t have the pretension to know everything about everything, and after 15 years of practicing journalism I still learn new things daily. I have the chance to meet a lot of different people every week. It can be a student, a doctor, a dustman, or a soldier, they all have interesting things to explain and I still be passionate by what I learn. My everyday work is to realize radio, TV or web reports about what’s happen in my country and abroad. Transform difficult and complex subjects into intelligible and interesting topics is my everyday challenge.

Benjamin doing a report.

My participation to the Foreign Correspondent Program in Finland next month will be the continuation of this desire to learn and meet. I will have the chance to reinforce my journalistic network. First with nine other journalists coming from nine different countries in Europe. For a journalist, good contacts with colleagues from other countries is very important. During our stay in Finland, we will also have the chance to visit and meet very interesting people in a lot of different fields. I’m sure, those meetings will be very rich and some reports for the media I work for will be recorded. This trip will be also a chance to see how the country has changed since 2005. At that time Nokia was the leader in the mobile phone sector. Today, it’s among others the game creation sector which is at the top. I’m excited to discover it. Finland is also an example for Belgium and other country around the world for a lot of subjects: education system, help to homeless people, the universal earning,… I will explain these successes to the Belgian audience. I hope it will help foreigners to understand the finish society model.

Benjamin - Belgium

Author: Benjamin - Belgium

Benjamin Carlier is a FCP participant from 2005 and he works as a journalist for the main Belgian French-speaking tv and radio channel RTBF. He covers political issues both on national and on international level. He regularly covers also a wide range of other topics on European and international level. He works mainly for television but reports weekly also for radio and web/social media. He is interested to know the background and reasons for Finland’s success in many surveys. He also wants to get background information for Finland’s presidency of the EU. In news Benjamin still gives a special look about what’s happening in Finland currently, so a new visit will provide him with the newest updates from Finland.

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