Foreign Correspondents’ Program 2018 will be announced soon

Last year we celebrated Finland’s 100 years of independence. To make 2018 just as spectacular, we are preparing something nice for this year as well.

Yes, in a few weeks time we will be announcing Foreign Correspondents’ Program 2018. Who can apply? When will it take place? What is to be expected? Stay tuned and find out more about the details of the program very soon.

Freezing weather in Helsinki in January. Photo: Sakari Piippo/Finland Promotion Board.

For now, we can tell you that we’ll wait for the sea ice to melt, at least, before we invite you over here…


14 thoughts on “Foreign Correspondents’ Program 2018 will be announced soon”

  1. Are these foreign correspondents having chances to find work in the field of journalism in Finland?

    1. The programme is three weeks long and contains various thematic visits and presentations. Participants will have a chance to get to know Finnish media houses. However, through the programme participant will not be receiving a work permit.

  2. What a very good opportunity of a life time in our epoch.I am fascinated and intrigued by the programme.Optimistic,ardent and enthusiastic about this programme,big up Finland !

  3. I am a recent graduate in Journalism & Mass C0mmunication. Currently, I’m working as a Content Writer. I write for the educational website. I don’t have other professional experience. Am I eligible to apply? I really wish to apply for this program. Kindly answer as soon as possible.

    1. If you fill all the other requirements (age and country), you can apply.

  4. Hello. I am very much interested in the program. However. I did apply for the program several times, but my email never get delivered. Is there an alternative you can suggest?


    1. Emails that are too big in size may not go through.

  5. I am very interested in this program. I applied and I am yet to get any response so far.

    1. The interviews have been done and candidates for the shortlist have been picked. Thank you for your participation.

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