Finland in the eyes of an Uzbek journalist

Hi! My name is Rushana Aliakbarova. I’m from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I would like to give a little bit information about my sunny country. Uzbekistan is a heart of Central Asia. Modern Uzbekistan is absolutely another country that can boast a modern infrastructure, a growing economy.

Talking about myself, I work as head of the department “International relations” at non-governmental organization International Press Club that is a creative platform where:

✅Sharp questions are raised;

✅ There is a debate on various topical issues;

✅ Open and direct dialogue between citizens and government representatives;

✅ All broadcasts are transmitted in real time

The International Press Club is a strong team of young and promising journalists. We help to solve the big and “sick” problems of society through open discussion and contribute to the development of our state.

I am really keen on political issues. Have a big zeal to prepare political broadcasts, working on air. In fact, it gives me an incredible adrenaline rush.

To tell the truth, I haven’t heard a lot of information about Finland. However, after getting the opportunity to participate in Foreign Correspondents’ Programme I began to study carefully about Finland and realized how lucky I am because for a person who has never been abroad except Russia, it means that he is very lucky in fact to get to a country like Finland and discover new interesting facts about it.

One of the important things is that I have already prepared a broadcast with the President of Karelia University, Mr.Petri Raivo who shared useful information about Finland which made me fall in love with this country even more. Also, despite the fact that I managed to talk to only three Finns, I already realized how kind, sympathetic and charismatic the Finnish people are.

I’m just looking forward to my long-awaited trip to a magical country. I am going to take a mini camera with myself and prepare a series of reports for media where I am working at. I really want that the Uzbek people become closely acquainted with the culture of Finland, with its educational system, and simply know what it is like.

I promise myself to use every moment of being in Finland rationally and effectively and to spend all my time here establishing network with my colleagues, gaining great and valuable knowledge and enjoying being in Finland.

See everyone soon in Finland!

Rushana Aliakbarova, Uzbekistan

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