Finland – a country to learn from

Traveling, discovering and exploring new countries play a very important role in my life. Whenever I have a free week or a couple of spare euros in my pocket, I, with no hesitation, book the cheapest flight and hit the road of adventures with my backpack.

Yes, I have been to Finland before. This is going to be my third time visiting Helsinki. If you are curious to know whether at this point I know everything about the country, the answer is: of course not. For me Finland is similar to an iceberg – I have seen a glimpse of it, but there is so much more to be unveiled.

Being passionate about international politics and policymaking, the first thing that I am eager to explore in depth is the Nordic model. To those not acquainted with the term, Nordic model refers to the economic and social models of development in the Nordic states. In other words – a combination of free market economy and welfare state in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden.

Why is this so important? Well, the answer is complex. One of the reasons is because this model has successfully lead to general prosperity, eradication of poverty and superiority of people’s freedom and liberties in Northern Europe. Another reason is because my beloved Ukraine is currently going through massive transformations and the enforcement of foreign practices is a key to successful state-building at home.

Oleksandr Guzenko
Oleksandr Guzenko

Undoubtedly, the process of Finland’s state-building is an example to be followed. Therefore my primary question for this trip is not “what Finland is all about,” but “what Finland has done to become as it is?” Briefly going through the agenda of the programme, I am confident that I will fly back with at least a few clear answers and an endless inspiration for the future.

In addition to my lust for discoveries, it is impossible not to mention the excitement I have for meeting young journalists from almost every corner of the world. I believe that learning directly from people in an international environment is the best way to acquire new information, polish skills and establish important connections with the participants from all over the globe.

It’s exactly two weeks until the thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme kicks off, and I cannot be more excited and thankful for being part of it.

See you very-very soon!

Oleksandr - Ukraine

Author: Oleksandr - Ukraine

Oleksandr Guzenko is a young, active media professional from Ukraine. At the moment, he works for two communications platforms that play an important role in the current political situation of the country. “I am happy that programs like this exist, because they give us – the youth – precious opportunities to build bridges of friendship worldwide.”

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