FCP alumni is here again! Apply to the thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme – Alumni Edition 2019!



If you have participated in the Foreign Correspondents’ Programme or Young Journalists, as it was first called in the 90’s, now you might have a chance for another Finland-packed experience.

Foreign Correspondents’ Programme – Alumni Edition 2019 starts on June 10th and ends on June 16th, 2019.

Come and spend a week learning about Finland today, Finnish society and the Finnish way of life – not forgetting meeting friends that have had the same original and mind-blowing FCP experience in their lives!

Check out if you’re eligible and apply now!

Photo: Riitta Supperi

Who’s eligible for the 2019 FCP alumni edition?

This year’s Foreign Correspondents’ Programme – Alumni Edition is definitely for you, if you are

  • a) A media professional that has participated in the programme of FCP or Young Journalists 1990 – 2015.
  • b) Has participated from or is currently living in Europe.
  • c) Is an active media professional working in a media house (TV, print or Web) or in social media, for example as an accomplished blogger or vlogger, or otherwise involved in the communications sphere or politics.
  • d) Is still interested in learning new things, meeting new people from different cultures and spending a week in Finland (full-time attendance required).
  • e) Is excited to meet Finland again and continue to be a lifelong friend of ours.
Photo: Katri Lehtola

How to apply?

Applicants must fill an application in English and upload an English language CV including photo as an attachment.

The closing date for applications is 21st March 2019 at 24:00 hrs (Finnish time). Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. The online application will be functional during 26th February at 00:00 hrs – 21st March 2019 at 24:00 hrs (Finnish time).


Selection process?

All together 10 representatives will be chosen from  European coutries. The embassies in each country will make the selection, that is then confirmed at the Communications Department in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

The chosen alumni will be contacted by 8th April 2019 with travel arrangement information

Photo: Pasi Markkanen

What does the programme include?

The Foreign Correspondents’ Programme 2019 starts on June 10th and ends on June 16th, 2019. Tentatively the programme will be built around the following current topics: Finnish EU presidency, domestic and foreign politics, economical situation and business strengths, nature/forest, education and top science/research, media house visit, creative industries, food culture and urban culture, visit outside of Helsinki and a host-family weekend.

The alumni meeting’s short duration sets limitations to the programme. Therefore any changes are possible.

There is an intention to include half-a-day for the participants own meetings and interviews. If the participant wishes to add extra days in the beginning or end of the programme, it is very much possible but unfortunately the accommodation for those days is by her/his own expense.

Photo: Pasi Markkanen

What costs are covered?

The programme covers the costs of travel to and from Finland, local travel in Helsinki, accommodation and the daily programme, including transportation and some meals. The programme does not cover medical insurance, per diem allowance or meals not listed as part of the programme.



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Website: thisisFINLAND.fi


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  1. I am a Nigerian Journalist with passionate interest to participate in the FCP although i lately saw the advert of the program, but I hope to be part next year.

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