FCP Alumni Edition 2019 participants have been selected!

The long-awaited 2019 Alumni Edition of Foreign Correspondents’ Programme is getting closer. Approximately two months from now, the ten selected alumni will start their one-week journey in Finland on June 10th full of exciting experiences with new people and places. Even though the participants have visited Finland before, as part of the FCP, there is a strong probability that Finland will provide a whole lot of new and invigorating surprises since their last visit! As a reminder, Finland has been selected the Happiest Country in the World, now twice in a row in the World Happiness Report. I guess you could say: Oops!…we did it again

Photo: Julia Kivelä

The participants for this year’s alumni programme have now been selected and contacted by our local embassies. The alumni will be writing about their expectations mirroring them with their past experiences from the programme, before the start of the FCP Alumni Edition on June. They will also write about their experiences during and after their re-visit to Finland in this blog. It’s going to be interesting to see if their perspective of Finland has changed since their last visit or has it changed at all? Stay tuned as the first blogs are coming out starting from mid-May…

A warm thank you to everyone who applied to this year’s programme! We received lot of great applications and the selections were made after careful evaluation.

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