Next time 2017, but before that an alumni meeting

With the winter soon knocking on the Helsinki doors it is tempting to think back at the sunny weeks of ThisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme 2015. It just has to be among the most inspiring and creative tasks a Finnish diplomat gets to work with. Such an honor and such a joy to get to know 21 young international media professionals, and to be able to show them the many sides and faces ...  (continue reading)

This is how I would summarise our Finnish August

I was lucky to be chosen to represent Saudi Arabia in this year’s thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme.

Me and my 20 colleagues from all around the world had a chance to explore Finland’s culture, society and lifestyle for three weeks.

I made this video to show a glimpse of what our Finnish August looked like.

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The giants of the Baltic Sea

It is like in a James Bond film. Only the wind instruments in the background are missing. Actually, this last rainy day is quite appropriate to visit a Finnish icebreaker and to imagine being in an action movie.

In France, all activities stop as soon as five centimetres of snow fall on the ground. We do not have appropriate infrastructure to face cold weather. Sometimes people have no other choice ...  (continue reading)

When Europe and Asia became so close

Finland and Indonesia are technically two very different worlds. To reach Finland, I had to survive a 12-hour flight. It seems as if there was a huge gap between Asia and Europe.

But, one says that music is a universal language and I believe it. Collaboration between Asia and Europe in music could be the key to shortening the gap between these two continents!

That’s why I was very happy to attend ...  (continue reading)

New Nordic meets new Asia – Modern Sky Festival in Helsinki!

White Shoes and The Couples Company is an Indonesian band, which performed at the Modern Sky Festival on 28-29 August in Helsinki. With their classical outfits and dancing styles, which take you back to the fifties, and the loud music mixing pop, jazz and ...  (continue reading)

Being a mother in Finland: a matter of good medical care

If I was a Finnish woman I think I wouldn´t be terrified about the idea of being a mother someday. But I´m Mexican. I am terrified. Mexico´s health care system doesn´t look after women who want to become mothers, especially poor women. In my country, women and babies are still dying due to poor medical care.

According to data ...  (continue reading)

Finland’s growing pains

During the first week of our FCP, I heard about Finland’s clean air, pristine forests, and quiet, civil citizens. It wasn’t just rhetoric though. We saw it.

I loved watching a reality TV show on Finland’s police. It was dull and enlightening at the same time: very few things happened in the 30 minutes that TV crews followed policemen on duty (aside from perhaps a drunkard being, well, ...  (continue reading)

Is Finland still the best place for innovation?

Before I came to Finland, what I knew was that the country has a strong capability of innovation. From Nokia to Angry Birds, Finland is best represented by ICT, the game industry, and arts and design.

But some people doubt this because as a result of the recent years of depression, the Russian crisis, and changes in its own economic structure, Finland’s economy has weakened. Now the question is ...  (continue reading)

Finland, Russia and Ukraine: experience of crisis-solving

My interview day was the most awaited part of the whole FCP programme. You may be surprised because while some of the FCP participants interviewed energetic business leaders from, for example, Kone and Nokia, I had meetings with very punctual and reserved people from the Finnish Government. ...  (continue reading)