Discovered… A Home Away from Home

1. A preference of harmony in people’s relation to their surroundings, both natural and social.
2. Getting along with others is important.
3. A consensus-building decision-making process is strongly preferred.
4. Work is a value in itself, not just what can be gained by working.
5. Be punctual, persevering, frugal and prudent.
6. Pay attention to details!

Which country do you imagine when you hear ...  (continue reading)

A Finnish Reintroduction: Beyond Sauna and Santa

Finland is a country I have visited throughout the important stages of my life. The first time I set foot in the land of sauna and Santa was in 2010. As an undergraduate student in Japan, I participated in FCP and confirmed my passion in journalism. I learned about the motivations and dreams of working in news from the wonderful participants from 20 different countries, as well as Finnish values ...  (continue reading)