Different faces of Lapland

There are always different versions of the story for every place we have been to. And for Lapland, each visitor has his or her own interpretations.

My first impression of the place is familiarity with the unfamiliar stuff.

Lapland is not a new place to me. There are always, however, something new to explore every time I am here. It is about fun and insights as well.

I was here for the first time in ...  (continue reading)

From FCP (Foreign Correspondent Program) to FPC (Foreign Press Center)

As a journalism veteran, I have been exploring new media strategy and digital solutions with data and technology since mid-2015 while starting work as deputy chief editor & director with CBN New Media, a JV by Alibaba Inc. and China Business Network.

The alumni meeting program reminds me of the best experience in Finland. It was back to 2009 when I participated the Foreign Correspondent Program ...  (continue reading)