Why Finns are so happy? Because the whole country works so well

By Veronika Malá

“We are in a hurry” or “We have to be there on time” – these are the most frequent sentences I remember from the Foreign Correspondents Programme 2003. This year, the focus on punctuality was not so intensive but still it is one of the most common features any traveller would encounter in Finland. Therefore, the best of the FCP 2019 for ...  (continue reading)

Why on Earth are they so happy?

I remember the day almost as if it was today. I was standing in the hallway at the university where I studied journalism and I saw the FCP 2003 leaflet on the notice board. I knew immediately that I wanted to apply. Back then, Finland was quite an unknown territory for me – I knew Moomin stories and Nokia mobile phones but not much else. Instead, I found a very ...  (continue reading)