Is Finland still the best place for innovation?

Before I came to Finland, what I knew was that the country has a strong capability of innovation. From Nokia to Angry Birds, Finland is best represented by ICT, the game industry, and arts and design.

But some people doubt this because as a result of the recent years of depression, the Russian crisis, and changes in its own economic structure, Finland’s economy has weakened. Now the question is ...  (continue reading)

Taste Helsinki

What does Helsinki taste like? Teurastamo  ̶  the Abattoir in English  ̶  and its many events offer impressive fresh food culture and creative industries, such as fancy food workshops, whisky and breweries.

Walking in the deserted space of Teurstamo (I mean it’s massive), I thought about a similar old slaughterhouse in Shanghai, nowadays called “1933 ...  (continue reading)

There was a little girl in Shanghai writing to Santa Claus

More than 7000 kilometers away from Helsinki, there was a little girl in Shanghai writing to Santa Claus: please fly me to the lakes, to the forests and bring me to see the northern lights! 20 years later, the little girl becomes a TV journalist. She travels all over the world, making business and political interviews with important people. One dream she keeps to herself: meeting Santa Claus in ...  (continue reading)