Beyond the “Nordic style” –– how Finland makes good design available to all

In my years of hearing “Nordic design” frequently thrown around outside of Nordic countries, often in fields like product design and interior decor, the term refers to the kind of simplicity in forms, with an emphasis on function and quality materials.

That is not that far off based on what I heard and saw in Finland. Tuija Aalto-Setälä, Brand Manager of Fiskars Corporation, Finland’s largest ...  (continue reading)

A Tale of Three Countries

My name is Siyu Lei. When I was asked to introduce myself, I thought about the three countries where I was fortunate to spend the past six years, and how three of them together helped define who I am today. Here goes.

In 2012, I left my hometown Zhengzhou, China for my first trans-Pacific flight. After some thirty hours of flying, and within minutes of arriving at the unfamiliar university campus, ...  (continue reading)