Coming home to Finnish nature

One day in Finland and I already feel like I’ve come home to an old friend, even if we are both a little older and wiser. Catching a tram through Helsinki with a gaggle of international journalists, all chatting in a score of languages about current affairs, was as stimulating as the first time I tried it, back on the Foreign Correspondent’s Programme in 2010. It was also a little bittersweet ...  (continue reading)

The key to a happy life

It’s been five years since I first visited Finland and I haven’t stopped talking about this wonderful place since, but it’s only now that I am poised to return that I’ve sat down to think about why I was so entranced by this country of deep snow and endless summers, of moomins and Marimekko, which strikes me as a country where its inhabitants seem to have figured out the ...  (continue reading)