Education in Finland: Like Winning the Lottery

A young lady in a pink running suit jogged down the street towards the group of journalists gathered on the sidewalk. She stopped right in front of me, and asked: “You are the FCP participants?” We all mumbled, yes, wondering who she was and why she was asking. She must have noticed the looks on our faces because she rushed to introduce herself, “My name is Sanni, I’m the Education ...  (continue reading)

A Most Finnish Summer: The Genesis

My love for Finland started with my uncle telling me soothing stories about the Nordic countries. He even taught me an acronym for them: FINDS. Deep down I wondered if I’d ever get to visit at least one of them.

The odds weren’t promising. Travel isn’t exactly cheap from Nigeria. So I followed thisisFINLAND and Guide to Iceland accounts on Instagram and allowed myself to enjoy ...  (continue reading)