Once again, the FCP week is behind us. The week went by fast and during the week we received background information about Finland’s foreign and security policy and Finland’s NATO application. We also visited Espoo and Turku. From our FCP-Facebook you can see more where we visited and who we met.

Thank you all FCP2022 participants Zahra, Finn, Dilara, Israel, Rushana, Grace, Pierre-Mickaël, Magdalena, ...  (continue reading)

Greetings from Ankara

Hey there,  greetings from Ankara!

I am Dilara a 27-year-old journalist who has been covering issues on Foreign policy and Turkish diplomacy for the past three years. I was thrilled when I found out I was in the program a couple months ago but little did I know that I would come to Finland at such time. To be more precise.. a time when Turkey and Finland are having “a slight” diplomatic ...  (continue reading)

A political and poetic journey ahead

Bonjour ! I’m Pierre-Mickaël Carniel, a 22-year-old journalism student. This year, I will be the young Frenchy of the group. I am originally from Courcelles-Chaussy, a village in Lorraine near Luxembourg. I studied political science in Mulhouse, in southern Alsace, near Switzerland. Today, I am studying journalism in Strasbourg, on the German border. All my experiences are linked to Eastern ...  (continue reading)

Hello from sunny Philippines!

Hello from sunny Philippines!

I am Krixia Subingsubing, a 26-year-old journalist from the country’s paper of record, the Philippine Daily Inquirer. I’ve been a reporter for nearly six years now and have been largely covering social justice, human rights and the environment—issues that most newsrooms consider as separate beats but are, in reality, very much intersectional and related to one ...  (continue reading)

Thoughts from UK

Hi! I’m Zahra.  I’m 28 years old and from Birmingham, England. Currently, I work as a journalist for one of the UK’s top flagship TV news stations – after having completed my master’s in Broadcast Journalist last year.

To offer a little background about myself – My dream is to work as a foreign affairs correspondent. This has been in part shaped by my travels as a teenager to unconventional ...  (continue reading)

A Safe and Sustainable Space for Youth in Circularity!

By Careen Joel

My name is Careen Joel Mwakitalu, FCP 2022 representative from Tanzania. First things first, I have been drowning with excitement recently because of the coming FCP programme in Helsinki. I feel like it is a timely opportunity for me as I look to scale up my career through learning and exchange opportunities.

Tanzania is a country bearing many opportunities when it comes to issues around ...  (continue reading)

Thoughts from Israel

My name is Amit Tomer, I’m 29 old, an Israeli who lives in Tel-Aviv and works as a journalist for a decade. These days I have a radio talk show that usually deals with economics and social issues.

I have never been to Finland, and I’m waiting for the visit and thrilled to learn more about the Finnish history and culture, see some wonderful views and enjoy the cold weather (the summer in Tel ...  (continue reading)

Here they are: FCP 2022 Participants!

The start of thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme 2022 is less than a month away and it is approaching FAST! Therefore now is the perfect  time to introduce our brilliant participants who come from 13 different countries all over the world. They are all super excited and can’t wait to start their journey in the FCP!

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who applied to this ...  (continue reading)

FCP 2022 participants have been selected!

The event we have all been waiting for is getting closer: thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme is finally happening after two long years!

In the coming summer 2022 these carefully selected participants will start their one-week journey in Finland, in the country that has been named the Happiest Country in the World in the World Happiness Report...  (continue reading)