Åland: Small Islands and big examples

It was eight in the morning when the first cabs with thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme participants arrived at the Turku Harbor. With a take-away cup of strong sugarless coffee in one hand a NY Times magazine in another, young journalists lined up in a queue and prepared to embark on the 1988 Viking Line Amorella ferry. “Next stop – Mariehamn,” the captain said.

Mariehamn is ...  (continue reading)

Finland – a country to learn from

Traveling, discovering and exploring new countries play a very important role in my life. Whenever I have a free week or a couple of spare euros in my pocket, I, with no hesitation, book the cheapest flight and hit the road of adventures with my backpack.

Yes, I have been to Finland before. This is going to be my third time visiting Helsinki. If you are curious to know whether at this point I know ...  (continue reading)