Lappeenranta and its lake of silence and peace

Funded in 1649, the city of Lappeenranta is beside one of the biggest and most beautiful lakes in Europe, and worldwide also. The lake Saimaa, the biggest in Finland, and the fifth in Europe, is a complex system of channels, little lakes, rivers, and islands in the south-east of Finland. The water of the lake is so clean that the people usually drink its water directly.

Surrounded by a beautiful ...  (continue reading)

Counting the days

Hi you all! I am Nicolás Monteverde. But most of the people only call me Nico. I will tell you a bit of myself, and why I’m so very interested in Finnish culture and admire Finland in many ways.

Since I have memories, I have been amazed by nature. Some of my first memories are related to watching close spiders building webs in the garden of my grandmother or picking the feathers that fall ...  (continue reading)