What Almost Being Attacked at a Neo-Nazi Rally Taught Me About Finland

With a bottle of fine French wine at hand and the refreshing breeze of the Aura river on that particularly fresh summer-ish day tingling my face, it felt like my day to Finland’s oldest city, Turku, couldn’t get any better. I had arrived a couple of hours earlier with the father of Finnish family which is hosting me for the weekend. He had planned to run the marathon that day while I ...  (continue reading)

Daly Takes Finland

That’s me in the photo, sneaking an hour at work to write up this blog post. It’s been a little over two months since I received the call from the Finnish Embassy congratulating me for having been chosen for the programme, and ever since, googling everything about Finland has become my new pastime. As someone who holds views on society and religion that sit at odds with the majority’s ...  (continue reading)