Working at Finland’s BBC

Finland is a tranquil country. Many in our diverse group of journalists are from cities buzzing with traffic and life. On Helsinki’s streets, rush hour is almost non-existent and on a relaxed Sunday afternoon it is so quiet that you could almost hear a pin drop at the other end of the city. On many occasions during our two weeks here, we have felt like our loud conversations and laughing were ...  (continue reading)

Bring your questions – I’ll bring mine!

“What do you know about Finland?” a friend asked me recently. I had just told him I was lucky enough to go there for three weeks this summer.

“Quite a bit,” I replied confidently.

I listed the staggering statistics: world-leading in press freedom, gender equality and transparency. Not doing too badly in education either.

My friend seemed impressed.

“The landscape is jaw-dropping, the standard ...  (continue reading)