Helsinki: a (paradise) city that allows you to be… just you

A weekend in the capital of Finland, Helsinki, is a synonym of experimentation. The wide variety of activities that the city has to offer let you play with the different facets of your personality. And during the summer, one activity stands out: the Flow Festival.

Helsinki sharpens all your senses. The capital of Finland has the capacity to widen your pupils, make your inhalations deeper and your ...  (continue reading)

Why Finland? Because journalism matters 

“My country has failed me, at this point I do not feel proud to be Mexican. My daughter is dead, I feel like I am dead and justice…well, we do not have the money to pay for it, unfortunately”.  I remember listening to this quote in a press conference. It was June 20, 2018. This phrase (with different words, similar meanings) repeated itself during ...  (continue reading)