Finland’s solution to an aging population

My interesting fourth day with FCP really helped me to understand some important aspects of Finnish society. But not only this: I also had a great opportunity to taste Finnish food and to see how a true Finnish cook prepared it. It was a great experience to participate in the Finnish food workshop by Flavour Studio in Teurastamo: raw fish, reindeer meat and berry cakes give you a taste of Finnish ...  (continue reading)

Re-discovering Finland: Traditions as a key

I visited Finland for the first time twenty years ago as a young journalist. It was a long time ago and since then I had no occasion to come back to this contry, wich I consider extremely interesting and in a certain sense ‘new’ for Italian people because of its way of living and its traditions.

This is why I am really happy to come back to Finland thanks to the Foreign Correspondants ...  (continue reading)