I’m sorry Nordic; but Finland won my heart.

In 24 hours, I will be heading back home to Lebanon after three weeks in Finland, the land of Sisu, Saunas & freedom of expression, and I would be lying if I said I had enough.

Few months ago, I read a caption on the Foreign correspondent’s programme, It said: Get a chance to become a lifelong friend of Finland. I paused and wondered back then: What does this even mean? How can one build a ...  (continue reading)

Why Finland? Because I still can.

Marhaba! Which means Hello, in Arabic and specifically Lebanese Arabic. I’m from Lebanon, I’m 27 years old, and the most common questions and comment I get when traveling abroad is: You seem happy, you’re not what we expected, don’t you have war going on over there? Phrases that made me realize that I have chosen the right career and path.

I’d like to think that I did not choose Finland, ...  (continue reading)