When a negative is actually a positive

I have learned the secret of Finnish happiness. And I’m going to reveal it exclusively to readers of this blog.

After consulting some of the country’s top academics (and several people down the pub) the answer turns out to be … drumroll … a lack of UNhappiness.

Now, that answer may not be very satisfying, but you’ve got to admit it’s rather Finnish.

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A special af-fin-ity…

It was the summer Beyonce was Crazy in Love and Captain Jack Sparrow swashbuckled onto our screens. Can you guess the year?*

I was 25 and fresh out of journalism school when I travelled to Finland to take part in the FCP programme, eager to explore a country I had yet to visit but with which I somehow felt a bond.

Scotland and Finland share a population size of around 5.5 million, long winters, and ...  (continue reading)