Basic but complete: maternity and child care in Helsinki

Let’s suppose that you can turn the time back to the year you came out into this world and you can choose a city where you would be born. Which country comes to your mind?

If someone asks me this question, I will definitely answer “Helsinki” just in a second. The reason is simple: I believe that only the happy parents can raise their kids happy.

In most countries, including my home ...  (continue reading)

The LAND, full of infinite attractions and new friends

I remember the day I was interviewed for the FCP program at the embassy of Finland located in Seoul. It was a sound sunny day in April. Before I left the meeting room after the nice and comfortable conversation about Finland and myself, with two kind officers, I showed them my laptop fully covered with old Moomin stickers which I attached on it over 3 years ago.

I said that it must be a super-fantastic ...  (continue reading)