Education and equity: twin pillars of Finnish culture

Platitudes about education are not hard to find. Education is “the key to success in life”. It is lauded as “our greatest natural resource” and proclaimed to be “the single most important job of the human race”.

But all this implies that education is a uniform, unchanging force for good. Far from it: education is shape-shifting and can serve myriad purposes, whether indoctrination or ...  (continue reading)

Henry Hepburn starts the series of blog posts by FCP Alumni participants!

My first visit to Finland in 2001 is one of the highlights of my career in journalism – but there’s a lingering guilt about it.

I arrived in Helsinki that summer straight out of a postgraduate journalism degree, and still unsure of where my first job would take me. The Foreign Correspondents Programme provided me with many eye-opening issues and vivid characters to write about, but I was still ...  (continue reading)