Excess of These Five Things Will Make You Totally ‘Finnish’

After almost three weeks of being back from the FCP, I was wondering how Finns are different from the people in rest of the world and came up with a checklist, ‘excess of things that make you Finnish’.

a) Coffee: I am almost a Finn by now in this sense. Go for an official meeting, conference, seminar, music concert, family dinner..whatever it might be coffee is a must. You have ...  (continue reading)

How would it feel to be an alumni for the FCP2023?

We are almost half way through the programme and I have been inspired to the fullest, but somehow my heart is stuck in the meeting with the 2003 alumni.  In the first week, we had a meeting with the 2003 batch where they casually interacted with us talking about the memories they still cherish of FCP2003, and how useful it has been for them in the following years of their excursion to Finland.

The ...  (continue reading)

When we didn’t feel angry at all in the land of Angry Birds

So, still recovering from the rain we faced outside, we enter the Angry Birds headquarters adjusting our dresses at the reception. Then as we walk to the sixth floor with Sara Antila and Peter Vesterbacka, we have another company visit in our mind, we exit the lift and surprise. It’s a kids zone with angry birds all over. Oops, I took it wrong, it was actually their workplace. “It must ...  (continue reading)

Well… the concept of “Public Shame” does work

I wasn’t even out of the awestruck feeling when I landed in Finland that there was another surprise waiting. I was surprised to hear the way the concept of Self regulation of media works in Finland.

I have always wondered , why do we even have the concept of Self regulation of media because back in India we have exactly the same concept of self regulation which involves a documented code ...  (continue reading)