Some memories from the FCP 2003 participants

Here are some memories of 4 other members of the FCP 2003 team.

They answered for the questions

1. What did FCP give to you?
2. What is your best memory from the programme

Adrianna Borowicz (Poland)

1. What gave me the participation in FCP in Helsinki? Personally: It opened my eyes. For a country named Finland. Since then Finland has special place in my heart. I met there fantastic people from all over ...  (continue reading)

Foreign Correspondence Programme 2003 – ten years later

Back in 2003, I was 26, already working as a journalist while completing my last year at graduate school. It was the middle of the semester when I saw an announcement for young journalists on the message board at my university, calling for participants for a project in Finland. I was immediately intrigued and made sure to apply at once. I was especially interested in this area, since at the time ...  (continue reading)