The Finns are starting to sweat – but it’s not for the reason you would think of

What’s hot, steamy and basically everywhere in Finland? Yep, right, it’s the Finns #1 national pride: Sauna.

It is said that there are more saunas in the country than people (five million). The Finnish Sauna Society estimates the number at two million.

During our week in Helsinki, we see them everywhere. Saunas belong to the Foreign Ministry where we kick off our week, get to know each other and ...  (continue reading)

There’s one thing which didn’t change – and I wonder why

When I participated in the FCP 2015, I basically knew nothing about Finland, the history, the culture and the Finnish way of life. When I left three weeks later, I have not only gained knowledge in all of this areas which led to coverage on social media and articles but also made life-long friends – in Finland and the whole world.

Back then, we discussed current ...  (continue reading)