Finland’s growing pains

During the first week of our FCP, I heard about Finland’s clean air, pristine forests, and quiet, civil citizens. It wasn’t just rhetoric though. We saw it.

I loved watching a reality TV show on Finland’s police. It was dull and enlightening at the same time: very few things happened in the 30 minutes that TV crews followed policemen on duty (aside from perhaps a drunkard being, well, ...  (continue reading)

Exploring the Finnish mindset for solutions

As a journalist, I’ve always been fascinated with solutions. That’s because much of the criticism around the news industry has been that it focuses too heavily on what is wrong with the world. While I agree that we must show the injustices, we can also highlight some of the answers to those injustices.

So, I joined a group of fellow journalists in the US who are focusing on “solutions journalism” ...  (continue reading)