The giants of the Baltic Sea

It is like in a James Bond film. Only the wind instruments in the background are missing. Actually, this last rainy day is quite appropriate to visit a Finnish icebreaker and to imagine being in an action movie.

In France, all activities stop as soon as five centimetres of snow fall on the ground. We do not have appropriate infrastructure to face cold weather. Sometimes people have no other choice ...  (continue reading)

The holy Finnish public school you will not find in France

At the entry of the classroom, there is a string of small tidy shoes. That gives a feeling that we are in a holy place. For those barefooted 7-year-old children, this ritual turns the school into a very significant place – even if they probably haven’t realized it yet.

We are at Viikki School, and so: that was true. Everything you have heard about Finnish schools is here, in this place that could ...  (continue reading)

Finland, surprise me!

I am about to tell you why I am eager to take off to Finland. But first, let me start with a little story of the most pessimistic country in the world – France. I promise there will be a connection in the end.

You may have heard that if you come to France, you might get stuck in public transportation because of a strike. Or you will probably meet a nasty taxi driver who will take the wrong ...  (continue reading)