From welfare to well-being. No wonder Finns are the happiest

I didn’t take notes during professor Antti Kaupinen’s presentation. Not because I was not interested on the subject (Happiness and Well-Being) but because I was so captivated and intrigued at the same time by the topic that I did not know what to write down. Yes, Finland has been number one on several happiness rankings for quite some time — which the mention of it, ...  (continue reading)

It was not that long ago. But it sure feels like it

The year was 2013.

It was not that long ago. The word millennial was already a thing and we spent a lot of our time in Finland checking for the wi-fi password to post something on Facebook.

It was not that long ago. Someone in our group had a Furla bag and we shopped at H&M on Aleksanterinkatu.

It was not that long ago. We talked about startups, we went to Flow Festival and brought home ...  (continue reading)